PowerBook deceased

My hard drive died. Again. It did this a year ago; the 90-day warranty on the replacement hard drive has clearly expired. I have a fairly recent backup, but the time involved is very irritating and frankly, two hardware failures in a year has me questioning my loyalty to Apple. I love my PowerBook, and would probably buy a new MacBook … if only I knew when the new ones were coming out.

Frustrating. Very very frustrating. Ah, well … I have my contacts saved on my Palm (and my backup, but I won’t restore that until I have a new hard drive). Perhaps one of the most difficult tasks is trying to remember 150+ passwords!

Thusly, there may be light blogging for a few days. (I wonder if Apple still uses DHL)?

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  1. TrvlnMn October 22, 2006 at 15:42

    I wouldn’t expect to see any new mac stuff until spring. Usually they use the Christmas holiday to push the hardware they’re just about to discontinue and then after you’ve bought the old stuff around February, March, or April then you will see what you really wanted or something nicer.

    I had a Mac laptop once upon a time. And while I had it it was nice. But the headaches outweighed the costs and at the end of it all I ended up feeling ripped off and that the company misrepresented it’s promises. So I switched back to PC. Cheaper and now I have very few problems by comparison.

    Good luck.

  2. Anonymous October 23, 2006 at 02:20

    Luddite that I am, I keep a paper “address book” with my passwords in it, except the ones that are a national security risk, those i remeber. The others are coded so they make no sense to anyone but me.

    Now, if I could just remember where I put it.

    I’m not 100% religious about my backups, but I’m seldom more than a month behind. I replace my harddrive every three years, whether I need to or not. It is a lot easier and cheaper before it fails, and at least you have an old back up. You can 100% guarantee it will fail someday, so you might as well bite the bullet occasionally.

    It helps if you use a system for your passwords: Ourfather1 > fatherwho2 > whoart3 etc. Then if all else fails, you can cycle through the system. Combining words and/or words and numbers means someone can’t use a dictionary search.

  3. Jim Duncan October 24, 2006 at 10:59

    I am working on an order now …

  4. Jeff Brown October 26, 2006 at 18:45


    My office has been all Mac all the time since about 2000. We use three laptops now and no desktops. I’ve yet to have any real problems, much less with the hard drive. None of them have ever been in the shop.

    As far as switching to PC’s is concerned, when I want to enter the world of virus infected emails, and heart breaking crashes I’ll do just that. As a Mac user I’m blissfully unaware of what a crash really is.

    I’m buying my first dual processing laptop next month and converting my curret G4 into a server. If there’s an advantage to using a PC I haven’t found it yet.

    Good luck with your new one.