Thoughts on working online

Off-topic, but … having to work from a backup laptop while I 1) wait for my PowerBook to be repaired and 2) wait for my new MacBook Pro (200gig hard drive!) has given me time to think about how I work.

Working online only without my primary programs is inefficient, frustrating and frankly, damaging to my business and sanity. I am dependent on having my data with me at all times, and no “smart phone” will supplant my laptop.

Email. Need it offline. Need the associated files offline as well. And the calendar!

Newsreader. Need that, too. Google reader is far too slow with 200 feeds.

— Blogging. Need off-line editor as well. Inspiration occasionally strikes away from the internets.

— Office software. Sure, writely is cool, but not that functional when all my files are not there. And no, I don’t want to give all of my information to google. I don’t trust anybody that much (‘cept for my wife of course).

There is just so much to be done off-line. Working solely through a browser so that I can “work anywhere, from any computer” as is often purported to be the future of computing, is neither practical nor secure.

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  1. Michael Price October 25, 2006 at 19:18

    It’s interesting to note how many of the bloggers in my sphere of influence are mac users. Myself, Greg and I think Joel B are mac users.

    I’d be interested know if you were a recent switcher or if you’ve used the Mac platform for a long time.

    I’ve had a hand in personally switching many people over, in fact If I were paid a commission I could’ve financed a new box myself with it!

    I agree that the browser as software may never come to complete fruition, but you have to admit there a lot of great web apps coming down the pike.

  2. Jim Duncan October 25, 2006 at 21:07

    Michael –

    I would hazard a guess and say that >40% of the bloggers within my sphere (I think we share a few 🙂 ) are mac users.

    I try to convert people whenever possible, as the mac is just a better experience. I have used a mac for the past 3+ years and used one in college for 3 years.

    The new web apps are great, but just cannot replace a dedicated machine. Besides, the tubes are filling up.