Match day approaches for UVA

What is “Match Day“?

Match Day is when 4th year medical students find out which residency program they matched with. Next year (actually this year – 2007), that day is March 15. On March 13, two days before, you find out IF you matched or not. If you don’t match, then you have two days to “scramble” into a program, ANY program that wishes to take you.

The Charlottesville area real estate market depends on the University of Virginia in many, many ways, and UVA Medical Residents are no exception. Typically, Residents come in every year with similar criteria – less than $300k (usually closer to less than $250k), three bedrooms, at least one and half baths, and no more than twenty minutes to the Medical Center.

The UVA Housing Management System may be an option, as may be renting for several years, but many residents, after analyzing our local market, determine that they will be better suited buying. Frequently, many residents end up staying in the Charlottesville area and “trading up” after they finish their Residencies, thus contributing to the economy as well as building our intellectual capital. 🙂

I am working on developing a page specifically for UVA Medical Residents, and would welcome input from anybody with insight.

I have written (briefly) about Match Day ever since I started this blog in January 2005.

As always, I may be contacted here.

Interesting discussion thread about the UVA residency program here.

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