Shopping for an agent and more

Search for an agent instead of a house. I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes, the first agent you meet might not be the best one for you.

Wolf Net seems to have a pretty good mapping solution.

Shopping for houses isn’t like shopping at Nordstrom’s

Another post describing why blogging is good for real estate agents. By far the most important reason is this (and I’ve said this before, many times)

Agents that write blogs perform more research to keep up with their local markets than Realtors who don’t blog. This greater knowledge base becomes a significant competitive advantage over non-blogging Realtors…

And if the Realtor demonstrates his incompetence, more the better.

I love this post about “Appliance Realtors.

The Daily Reckoning provides good analysis on the national housing market.

What will be written about if there is no development in Charlottesville?

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