Monday links – 9 April 2007

Freakonomics’ take on Zillow, Google etc. One of my favorite comments:

Google and the other big players have a very long term view of this service, while the everyday realtor doesn’t think more than 45 days out.
Combine the different business goals with increased competition and a poor market and we have a really fun drama starting to unfold.

I’m late to the Google “My Maps” news, and there are several locally already. Anybody know if there is an easy way to move the data from this map to a My Map?

A pending earthquake in Virginia’s development?

Price per square foot isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Rising Foreclosures Endanger Condo Associations
Mass Transit and the 1/4-Mile Dictum

Local governments’ dependence on property taxes may be their downfall. (HT: Inman)

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  1. Kevin Boer April 9, 2007 at 12:36

    Hi Jim,

    I don’t know of an easy non-manual way to import mapping points from one app to another. Just like converting from Word to Wordperfect, the Word folks are not the ones with an interest in creating that interface.

    Until Google has a mass-import (via CSV or XLS), I’m sticking with CommunityWalk and ZeeSource maps.

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