Another Charlottesville-area green development

And the Wall Street Journal noticed. I have been trying to contact the folks at Bundoran Farm for weeks on behalf of a client, and coincidentally I get a call back on the same day that this article appears in the WSJ.

In addition to the recent trend towards green building, organic farming and sustainable living …

Developers are also hoping the communities will appeal to buyers because of their location. Even though the farms offer a rural feel, residents won’t have to give up the services of urban life, such as shopping or good medical care. Bundoran Farm is 20 minutes outside of Charlottesville, Va. (ed. note: and 10 minutes from Crozet, Virginia)

And there you have it – feel good but don’t isolate yourself.

Interestingly, the locational focus of the article was not on Charlottesville, it was on Albemarle County. Perhaps a deliberate attempt to achieve a more “rural” appeal?

More about the development here and here.

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