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Empire Builder bag, courtesy of Tom BihnPrice of an Empire Builder bag from Tom Bihn in 2004: $130
Price of shoulder strap from Tom Bihn in 2004: $25

The answer to the following question –

I purchased an Empire Builder in February of 2004, and I love it. Today, the shoulder strap broke. The metal piece on the latch part broke through another part of metal. I really can’t describe it, but I could send you a picture.
Is there a warranty, or should I just order another one?
Thank you in advance,

Being this?

We’d be glad to send you two replacement clips (this is the entire metal part that threads on and off the webbing of the strap) at no charge. Where should we send them?
Sorry about the other clips breaking: the clips we’ll be sending you are stronger and better than those.


Customer service is not achieved by giving out free stuff. What the Tom Bihn company did was provide “Raving Fan” customer service. This is one of my real estate goals – to provide service and value so exceptional, so out of the ordinary that people want to talk about it – tell their friends, write about it, and above all, as I will do with Tom Bihn – use my service again.

Sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it’s not. But when it’s achieved, it’s a beautiful thing.

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