My own little green carnival

The first in a series of infrequent but regular green carnivals here … just a few stories culled from my feedreader. I’ve said it before; the majority of people will not “go green” simply because it’s the “right thing to do,” but if there is profit to be had, or money to be saved, then we’ll have something.

Sustainable entrepreneur

… nearly 90 percent of Americans think that solar electricity should be an option for all new home construction, up significantly from one year ago (79 percent).

Making energy efficiency pay

Create an eco-friendly playroom

100 ways to save the environment

How big is your ecological footprint? Mine is 32 (I drive a lot, and have an SUV) but I am trying to offset it a bit by recycling, composting, using a non-gas-powered lawn mower and riding my bike to the farmer’s market)

Green modern prefab meets Google

The many shades of the eco-consumer

I took a brief tour of this exceptional new development in Albemarle County on Friday … I will write more about Bundoran Farm soon.

The Carnival of the Green

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