The Carnival of Real Estate #51

Is up at Rain City Guide.

There are plenty of posts worthy of reading by real estate-related professions, but also for real estate consumers and voyeurs, notably:

Half-assed service
Divorcing the real estate commissions
Expected rate of decline of home prices in the next year
It’s a bloodbath and time to swim with the sharks

To clarify on my entry that was selected (thank you Ardell!) – the email signature digression was quoted from the original article. That it was distracting is evidence that that type of repeated disclosure is unnecessary and clutters things up.

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  1. Ardell DellaLoggia July 23, 2007 at 12:23


    Any licensed real estate agent must make that fact clear, when spouting about real estate on a blog. There we disagree. How else is the public to know that the Bubble Blog advices are not from licensed people, if they can’t distinguish between who is licensed and who is not?

    Licensees should also NOT be permitted to be “anonymous”, whether they are the the blog host, or someone commenting on a blog.

    The whole point of licensing is being able to track people who impact consumers. Blogs are no exception, and no agent should be able to hide behind an anonymous comment.

  2. Jim Duncan July 23, 2007 at 13:28

    Oh, no – I absolutely agree that we must disclose. I think that adding that signature –

    Jane Doe, GRI, licensed salesperson in the Commonwealth of Virginia
    Happy Daze Realty
    1500 Sunshine Circle
    Richmond, VA 23225
    804-999-9999 Office
    804-222-2222 Cell

    to the end of every single form of communication is silly.

    I’m with you on the anonymous comments as well, but it’ll probably take 5 years for us/them to work through the the right law/rules and by then, the “professional” bloggers will have (hopefully) already sorted things out their way.