Friday Links – 27 July 2007

IRS loses challenge to prove tax liability – ammunition for the FairTax?

If you’re getting ready to move and need to figure out where to put your furniture, check out this site that will help you do the arrangements before you move. (hat tip: Charlottesville Interior Design)

This too, shall pass – the real estate market, like all markets, is cyclical. Pay attention to local real estate news and data; national data tends to be misleading. There is plenty of positive news to be found in pockets within the local market – one just needs to know where to look.

I’m #11 with Yahoo for “Why Print Advertising?” Why print? If you desperately want to show your clients that you care more about branding yourself and less about marketing the home to prospective buyers, go ahead and use print.

Newspapers are Dying.

The Arbitration Fairness Act

How do McMansions Affect the Value of Neighboring Homes? – short answer – “it depends.”

But Buyer Psychology Is Part of Market Value. One thing to consider – the headlines don’t make or break the market; the buyers’ and sellers’ interpretations of the information may.

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