What to do with photographs when you lose a listing

And you don’t want your photos used by the next Realtor? Seeing as how once the photos are submitted to the MLS, the listing agent relinquishes all rights to those photos … take all the photos out and replace them with something like this –


I found this this morning while researching a residential property’s market history. This was the only photo associated with the listing. I’m just assuming this is what happened, as there is no other reasonable explanation. Not quite the “Bad MLS Photo of the Day,” but still quite amusing.

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  1. Sock Puppet July 27, 2007 at 17:52

    Yeah I’ve seen “lotsa luck stealing my photo suckas” in a couple places in mt travels.

    Though I wonder if this sort of thing could get the agent in hot water somehow. Ya’know, if I put up a picture of say a teardown in place of the nice exterior shot…

    And thanks for course for the link love 🙂