Mid-Year numbers for Charlottesville Realtors

I’ve noted Realtor (in)activity before – January ’06 and January ’07 as well as when the Minnesota Association of Realtors suggested some Realtors seek a new profession.

So far this year,

105 Realtors have had more than 10 sides.
333 have had more than 5 sides.

286 have had between two and four transactions and 206 have had one transaction this year.

Very few – 35 – have had more than 20 sides so far this year.

The median sales price in the area is about $275k; for each transaction, one might “take home” about $3k (you can see the math here); how long until the “agent bubble” bursts?

*A side is either a buying transaction or a listing transaction.
*The top Realtors remain mostly those affiliated with new construction, condo conversions or teams of Realtors.

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