Insight into blog readers’ minds

They come from all over and provide tremendous insight into what’s on consumers’ minds. In no particular order:

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can a builder discriminate against a realtor – sure, why not? But if that Realtor has a qualified buyer, what good would come from shooting yourself in the foot?

real estate sales in charlottesville va+july 2007 – or, go straight to the Market Statistics category on RealCentralVA

realtor ethics questions and illegal incentives – duh. This is the problem with cooperative compensation – where the seller “pays” the buyer’s agent – particularly builder incentives.

charlottesville va foreclosures – why is one of the condo communities in Charlottesville advertising for this search term? I can understand the big companies and the odd Realtor but what are they saying?

advertizing real estate & relocation realitors – only for the misspellings. It’s Realtor.

dual agent horror story – surprisingly there are only slightly fewer results in Google for “dual agent success story” – but the results for the horror story search are much, much more pertinent.

jim duncan – there are 2.3 million results for this search, and I’m number one and two. (hint: blogs work)

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