The HooK’s Green edition

C-Ville’s been on the “green” bandwagon for some time now. The HooK steps up this week and has a special green pull-out in addition to their normal issue. The HooK’s new site design makes it a bit more challenging for me to find their green stories directly, but thanks to a smart search set up on Yahoo, the green stories popped up in my feed reader.

Has C-Ville become G-Ville?
Editor’s Note
Even more on Stonehaus’ Belvedere development and even more here.
Mr. Green

The Green category on

Some of my favorite green posts:

How do you get a Green home in Charlottesville?
Green Homes = Common Sense
Hybrid Home completely off the grid
Green Building

From a story early in 2006:

I was talking to somebody last week who asked me why I had gotten my EcoBroker certification, was I doing it simply to be altruistic and good for the environment? Sort of. 1) it’s the right thing to do and 2) there is profit in this segment of the market, and it’s only going to grow. I’d rather be on the front end of the curve and be a market leader rather than a follower.

If you’re interested, here is the OMPL file to import into your feed reader (Google Reader, etc.) of many of the “green” blogs I read.

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