Another reason blog “leads” are better

The differences between leads generated from blogs and “leads” purchased through one of the various blood-sucking non-value-adding referral companies are many. Some of the most crucial differences are that blog clients:

1) Are typically further along in the process of hiring an agent (whether buyer’s or seller’s representation)
2) Have vetted me, at least a little bit, by reading what I have written over the past 34 months, which makes the process more efficient for both of us.
3) Frequently are more aware of the current market and some of the factors impacting the market.
4) They’re not “leads” per se, they’re typically conversations about whether we might work well together.
4) I would never have gotten this question from a blind internet lead:

(b) We’d obviously prefer to avoid dual agency if at all possible.  If an appropriate listing comes up through your C21 office, though, what safeguards are in place to protect both sides?

I love that this question is asked up front! Fortunately, I have an opinion on dual agencyget rid of it.

All in all, the hours spent reading and writing every day are worth it for my own knowledge and ability to represent my clients. That business opportunities come from my efforts is almost a bonus.

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