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It’s our money, darn it!

Further, because state law requires that the rate be lowered to produce an equal amount of tax revenues (plus 1%), there was no “rate cut” either.To suggest there was a rate cut is to ignore state law.Had this additional “pizza and beer” increase gone through, that property owner would have received a $512 per year increase!…  Unlikely-we’d see the same hand-wringing about the budget.Back to “pizza and a beer.”One man’s pizza and beer is another family’s six (or more) doctor visit co-pays.Or another person’s two dental check ups, because some folks don’t have dental insurance….  $15 per month may not be much, but to some it pinches.Demeaning the tax increase by suggesting it’s merely a”pizza and beer” per month is like TV commercials that hawk elder life insurance policies by suggesting that it only costs 50 cents a day!…  We need to focus first on how we are spending current revenue before considering any increase in taxes, “pizza and beer” increases included.”I’d like to link to a Daily Progress article from the last time assessments were done in Albemarle County, but apparently they’ve never written about David Slutzky (but they’re working on it).

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A GREAT MLS stat for today

In the Charlottesville region*, there are 484 properties that are currently under contract or pending.  Of these, 184 were on the market for fewer than 30 days (per the “continuous days on the market” tag of our MLS which is supposed to account for crafty Realtors trying to game the MLS).  Nearly 40% of new sellers “get it.”

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Building a home in Belvedere

But I am convinced of their integrity and am joining them to make their dream (and mine) come true.I’ve written before that Belvedere is one of the only new developments in the region about which I am excited by what they are doing….  And a lot of great stuff that you can walk to….EarthCraft certified homes, LEED certified buildings, A walkable neighborhood….  It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.(and I expect they will, with input from great clients such as mine) – it should be a great place to live.More on Belvedere here.  Developments couldn’t pay for better marketing and exposure than what they are getting from Home at Belvedere.Disclosure – the author of the blog is a client of mine, and I am invested in their having a great experience today, tomorrow and for their time in the Charlottesville area; I am truly grateful for all that I have learned from them so far.

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