Negotiate anything

Even real estate contracts.

If more Realtors and buyers and sellers could or would recognize these simple facts, we would all be better off.

Good negotiations are not personal. When buyers and sellers focus on what the other person is getting, negotiations deteriorate.

I remember the conversation during the hot market about how the “seller shouldn’t make that much!” quite well – and each time it was irrelevant, but important to the buyer to have – if only to work through it.

Focus on what matters. Standing on principle and positions is a failing stance.

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  1. John Corey May 30, 2008 at 04:20

    People are used to paying the list price. Almost every transaction they enter into is based on a published price. They might wait for a sale but they do not think to offer less and wait for a response.

    It is what it is. As a real estate investor who coaches others you have to train people to make an offer based on what they want to pay, not what the seller is asking. You also have to be prepared to work through a few ‘no’ responses.


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