Getting Involved in Waynesboro

I’ve long advocated for civic and community involvement.

Chris Graham with the Augusta Free Press wrote a timely article last week describing the Waynesboro 2020 initiative

And yet we have so much potential. Our tradition here of hard work and high worker productivity is a great building block and draw for potential industrial and manufacturing suitors. And our location basically at the hub of Charlottesville and the economic engine that is the University of Virginia and Harrisonburg and the economic engine that is James Madison University gives us a unique opportunity to attract the industry of the 21st century. The future of industry is in the kinds of technological innovations that will come out of UVa. and JMU and the former Stanford Research Institute that is now working with both of our region’s major universities on the next computer mouse and the next Internet, to name two projects that SRI led in its early years in California.

At some point soon the Charlottesville-Harrisonburg corridor will come to resemble the North Carolina Research Triangle. All we’re really waiting for is the third leg.

This presented the perfect opportunity. I’ve written about the emerging Waynesboro/Augusta County market for some time. I live in Crozet, so it’s actually closer than the 29 North region of CharlAlbemarle, and the upside is great.

I cannot say that I’ve ever garnered direct business from any of the committees on which I’ve served. I know this – I am a far better, and better informed Realtor for my clients than I would be if I did not participate in the ways I have.

So, onward and upward.

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