Going to Orlando Today for the Realtor Convention

And I’m so thankful that this is my last scheduled trip of the year. It’s been a busy year.

That said, I’ll be sitting on a panel of my peers – Ginger Wilcox, Teresa Boardman, Ines Hededus-Garcia whom I greatly respect where we’ll be discussing – you guessed it – real estate blogs and how Realtors can benefit from them. My goal whenever I speak is to provide an accurate and honest interpretation of how much work I believe it takes to write a successful real estate blog.

Friday I’ll be attending part of Bloodhound Unchained – where I hope to bring back at least three nuggets/tools/things which I can apply to my business – and therefore – my clients.

And then home for the foreseeable future, no conferences or trip planned (yet).

More at Ines‘, Dustin’s and Agent Genius.

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