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A Brief Hiatus on RealCentralVA

It’s been a long year, and I need to work on my beginning-of-the-year post, my upcoming four-year blogiversary post as well as a few deeper pieces I’ve been meaning to put together. In the meantime, feel free to contact me anytime, read about Charlottesville’s market statistics and analyses, or pop in and ask me a question if you see me available in the meebo sidebar (not you, RSS readers – you need to visit the blog for that!).

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Good News Reported about Future of Charlottesville’s Real Estate Market

Compared to 2000, Atlanta, New York City, Chicago, Phoenix and Dallas lead the pack in our population growth forecasts on an absolute level, while Charlottesville, Santa Fe, Yuma, Yuba City and Laredo show the strongest percentage growth through 2020 . … Despite the arguments about ” whether ” the Charlottesville region ” should” grow , the fact remains that we are going to grow; how we deal with this growth – infrastructure (transportation and internet), housing, equitable complement of businesses, property taxes, etc.

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End of The Year Market Report for Charlottesville Region

Agent Update – Only for Charlottesville, Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene and Nelson:

Not having the membership numbers for the past several years, I omitted the “zero” column …

The number of Realtors in the Charlottesville area who have managed to do between one to five sides per year has remained fairly consistent over the past three years, with a surge at the height of the boom.
The productive Realtors seem to be suffering the most.
* To answer questions I get frequently – yes, I do make a living as a Realtor. As of this writing I am the 32nd most productive Realtor in the Charlottesville area. I hate writing that, but it’s a fact. (and our office is the 8th most productive office – not bad for a very small – ~7 agents – office)
Buyers and Sellers – when interviewing Realtors, do your due diligence and ask your prospective representation how productive they have been in the past 12 months – more on this in a later post.

Thank you sincerely for reading. Please let me know if you have any questions/comments/corrections.

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Shared Workspace in Charlottesville

Daniel and the folks at Cloudbrain have proposed what I think is a brilliant idea that is probably being done elsewhere … this would be perfect for Realtors who don’t need the wasteful infrastructure provided by larger facilities, when all many of us need is a coffee shop, occasionally a larger conference room and quiet space to work/write.

… There seems to be a lot of 1 – 4 person companies in Cville that (1) Spend most of their time on a computer (2) Want to be Downtown (3) Are paying too much for office space or work from home and (3) Would benefit from being around other creative people during the day.

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Where Are the Walkable Neighborhoods in Charlottesville/Albemarle?

A new tool, (h/t Lifehacker ) Here’s my very rudimentary definition, based on personal biases and listening to my clients’ wants and needs – – Schools –(you can search by elementary school on my Charlottesville Home Search ) – Walkable neighborhood with sidewalks –(Walkscore can help, but you’re better off asking someone or driving by the area – or better yet, we can ride to the properties on bicycles!) … — The County of Albemarle does not offer curbside recycling, but two private companies have recently sprung up to fill this need – My Recycling Club and Green Pieces Recycling , so if you’re in the Urban Ring of the County, you should be able to get recycling.

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UVA Match Day 2009 – March 19

The four days of the Match are broken down as follows: Match Day is : Match Day is when 4th year medical students find out which residency program they matched with. … two days before, you find out IF you matched or not. … UVA medical residents (and JAG School folks, Law and Darden – I love that Darden’s Dean is blogging – students, et al) have traditionally comprised a significant segment of the Charlottesville and Albemarle real estate market.

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