5 Real Estate Myths

What does the future hold for independents? A: I think the future belongs to small brokers, and I’m one of the [few] people to say that. The big guy clearly has the corner on the money, and that’s the downside to being little. But the little guy has the corner on creativity. Our business is a transaction business — wham, bam, thank you ma’am. We need to be responsive to a changing market. And more often than not, the little guy can move. The big guy is still thinking about it.

I just think we have a pattern here — that little people will always find a home in real estate, because it’s cheap to get in. When they grow to middle size, half fall off because it’s hard to maintain, and the other half grow, get tired of it, and sell to the big guys.

If a big brand comes in that everyone knows, it’s intimidating and a formidable competitor [for small players]. But the fact of the matter is, as long as a local broker can make a big brand in a local market, national and everything else doesn’t matter.

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  1. Kim Adamof January 27, 2009 at 13:10

    In the Raleigh market, inventory is down so there is less competition to sell. Its getting better for putting your home on the market. Our prices have been holding steady also, no drastic drops in price like in CA, FL, or NY. I like your comment about the small brokers. I am a small brokerage and am much more current and flexible with marketing and technology than the big guys.


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