Albemarle County’s “County View”

I’m looking forward to this tomorrow morning –

County View Web is located on the Albemarle website. (Bolding mine)

Albemarle County community development staff will be demonstrating County View Web to interested members of the development and real estate communities on Wednesday, January 27, at 10:00 am in Room 241 of the County Office Building on McIntire Road. County View Web is a newly launched web-based system that lets the public track Albemarle County development applications, including building permits, site plans, subdivision plats, architectural review board applications and zoning variances. Members of the public can also schedule inspections through County View Web. County View Web provides convenient, transparent access to the County’s development-related activities, allowing users to track projects and check the status of specific items they are interested in. The program includes a comprehensive tutorial, trouble-shooting guide and Frequently Asked Questions list to help orient users to the system.

I’ve said before that Albemarle County’s GIS application is a rare good use of taxpayer’s dollars. We really are lucky to have such a comprehensive GIS application. Now- if only the City of Charlottesville would get on the stick and emulate (they’re liable to take offense to the term “follow”) the County and do the same.

Would that we could export this stuff to Google and do overlays … or even better, to my IDX search page, because I doubt our MLS would be able to integrate something like this (and yes, that’s a challenge where I’d love to be proven wrong).

I’m still testing whether the application works fully on Firefox 3 and Safari on my mac.

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