Hooray, Charlottesville is Number 11

Another day, another day on a list for Charlottesville. I can’t tell whether Forbes means “Charlottesville (City of)” or “Charlottesville/Albemarle” …

Either way, we’re number 11 in the “Best Small Places for Business and Careers”

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  1. Jake March 27, 2009 at 08:34

    Does anyone know what the criteria was to be listed as a “best” large or small company? It just seems funny that Forbes could rank the metro area as a great place for business and careers, but then also suggest that they’re are no good places (large or small) to work.

  2. Mark April 10, 2009 at 00:43

    Why do they make these lists? Here’s mine for “best fruits”:

    1. Apples
    2. Oranges
    3. Bananas

    That was easy. Not sure why there is money in reducing very different towns and cities to statistics. Like that “Best Place to Live” title a few years back. Best for what? And for whom?

    Pointless. They only do it to sell magazines and make people feel good when their city gets a number. If you want a number you can always go to the barbershop.


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