Hinting at Nest’s Announcement

There is a challenge, regarding the pending announcement from Nest. I mentioned it on Twitter:

Nest is about to make a huge announcement. A *really* huge announcement. Stay tuned.

And it is a big one. But …

Here’s the challenge:

We need to define how and why this matters to potential buyers and sellers in Charlottesville and Albemarle and Central Virginia, because it absolutely does matter. Realtors will get it, but I and we are more concerned about how we can convey the how and why to our existing and potential clients.

We know it matters, we can feel it, and can describe it in a thirty to sixty minute conversation, but we need to distill this conversation into a more communicable message; and we will.

Being a partner in Nest is, to use the word in the truest sense, awesome. Communicating that sense, our story, and most importantly how our clients benefit is next.

As Keith said in his post about the pending announcement:

I will go more into this listing in future blog postings, but there is one thing for certain. I would not have this listing if we had not started Nest. I’d like to think I’m that good, but it is about my team and the vision that we share together. It is how that vision is playing out in our actions, our marketing, our space, and our clear and directed philosophy. That is why we as a team have this listing.

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  1. Marc Diaz June 6, 2009 at 10:39

    Just to make sure – was the new office the big announcement? I’d like to learn more about the things you’re doing at Nest and how it makes a difference in your marketplace.

  2. Jim Duncan June 7, 2009 at 09:07

    Marc –

    The office is part of the announcement. The really big announcement is that we are now part of the team marketing Bundoran Farm – a large preservation development in our area. Previously, they had been using only one firm to market, but they have recently opted to bring on three additional firms to help with the marketing. That they chose Nest as one of the four is, to our minds, an honor and an immediate recognition that Nest is competent, real and will be a player in the Charlottesville market.

    I’d love to talk to you about what we’re doing and how it makes a difference. I can cite a few ways that we are (and have) already changed a few things.


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