Sign Here and Don’t Bother Reading this Contract (I Haven’t)

Off topic, and not for or against HR 2998, the former HR 2454.

But trust me anyway.

If you were a buyer or seller, would you hire me if I didn’t bother reading the offers, Contracts and contingencies that I asked you to sign?

How Fast Can Congress Read H.R. 2998 from Sunlight Foundation on Vimeo.

Why do we allow our "hired" representatives to get away with passing bills – trivial and substantial – without actually reading them?

More at the Sunlight Foundation:

I wrote last week that OpenCongress can be an incredible resource for citizens, reporters and activists looking for information on Congress, but cautioned that this is only true when Congress makes that information available. With the case of the American Clean Energy And Security Act, this simply wasn’t possible. Members of the House were given precious little time to determine the policy outcomes of this legislation, due to its size, the different versions released, and the time frame provided for action (Speaker Nancy Pelosi had sought a vote before next week’s 4th of July recess). Members of the public were given even less time.

Update 02 July 2009: skip forward to 2:20 to hear him speak about some of the housing implications.

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