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Hotels in Charlottesville – Courtesy of Hotelicopter

Now this is an interesting little widget from the folks at hotelicopter . … I’d like to pick the specific ones I recommend and display that widget. … I’m still working on I’ll use this, but I have a few ideas …

var hotelicopter_js_host = ‘’; document.write(unescape(“%3Cscript src='” + hotelicopter_js_host + “init.js’ type=’text/javascript’%3E%3C/script%3E”)); try { var hotelicopter_hotel_list = hotelicopter.getWidget(“6058e910-b6a4-012c-d928-00188be6b7a6 “); var hotelicopter_filters = new Array(); hotelicopter_filters[‘widget[location_id]’] = ‘33033’; hotelicopter_filters[‘widget[hotel_id]’] = ”; hotelicopter_filters[‘widget[star_rating_high]’] = ‘5’; hotelicopter_filters[‘widget[star_rating_low]’] = ‘3’; hotelicopter_filters[‘widget[star_rating_all]’] = ‘false’; hotelicopter_filters[‘widget[price_all]’] = ‘true’; hotelicopter_filters[‘widget[price_high]’] = ‘233.0’; hotelicopter_filters[‘widget[price_low]’] = ‘58.0’; hotelicopter_filters[‘widget[num_hotels]’] = ’10’; hotelicopter_hotel_list._display(hotelicopter_filters); } catch(err) {} To view these hotels from hotelicopter , you must enable JavaScript in your browser.

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NGIC and DIA – Who’s Moving Here?

Last Wednesday (11/4), the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors received a briefing titled “Survey of DIA Personnel Moving to Rivanna Station”. The survey, conducted by the Center For Regional Economic Competitiveness , a non-profit research organization affiliated with George Mason University , provides interesting analysis of the jobs (and some of the individuals) who will be relocating to the expanded Rivanna Station in Albemarle County. … The first question most folks were interested in are how many of the current employees are going to relocate when their jobs move to Rivanna Station. It is important to note this does not mean they will be moving the residence. 39% of those surveyed indicated they would be Definitely Moving, while an additional 9% indicated they would probably be moving.

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Nest Realty Group Pulls in Another Award

And we’re even getting a netbook to prove it . Nest Realty was awarded with an HP Realtor Technology Award last week at the National Association of Realtors conference in San Diego. HP honored 5 brokerages across the country that used technology in and out of the office to gain a competitive advantage. Other winners included brokers from California, Ohio, Idaho, and Minnesota.

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Toy Lift in Charlottesville 2009

Provide toys and books to area children ages newborn through 8th grade Seek charitable contributions of money, toys, books and other needed items Seek volunteer assistance from the community Not interfere with any governmental or community agencies already assisting area children The Foundation’s service area includes the City of Charlottesville and the Counties of Albemarle, Buckingham, Fluvanna, Greene, Nelson, and Orange.

…This allows us to identify those families that may not already be part of “the system,” but may be experiencing circumstances that make this year particularly difficult. For example, a family that has had a parental death this year and mom couldn’t even imagine trying to pull together Christmas might not meet any financial criteria, but the school personnel that know this family can identify them for us. They can also help us find those families who may have a very recent job loss, an accident or crisis such as a fire, or a sudden family burden.

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Electronic Signatures for Real Estate Transactions

I’ve been using electronic signatures for a few weeks now, and they have been tremendously helpful – saving gas, time and energy. Instead of faxing, emailing, printing, scanning … my buyer and seller clients have clicked to sign . … Now it appears that Docusign , thanks to an investment by the NAR’s Second City Ventures , is going to ramp up their development and will be spreading their reach through the Realtor world. … I expect Second City Ventures to have a better definition of “investment” than the US Treasury .

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Walkability on 29 North – A Work in Progress?

The Neighborhood Model may list “pedestrian orientation” at the very top of its 12 Principles for Development, but it’s in the county’s subdivision and zoning regulations where the rubber—so to speak—meets the road. … “Right now we can’t require sidewalks on all streets in the development areas,” says Elaine Echols, a principal planner with the county. … Until we get our zoning regulations changed to make it a requirement,” she says—a project she and her staff are working on right now—walker-friendly development is not as ironclad a guideline as the Neighborhood Model would suggest. I know this – more and more of my clients want to walk places – coffee shops, grocery stores, schools, friends’ houses – and the County and developers are negligent in not following through in their plans.

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