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Albemarle County Board of Supervisors Agenda – 2 December 2009

There’s a whole lot of important stuff on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors’ agenda next week – the bold parts are most interesting to me. The next Albemarle County Board of Supervisors meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 2, 2009 starting at 9:00 a.m. in the Lane Auditorium, County Office Building, McIntire Road. … Nonconforming Lots – 09-03( ) – Agricultural and Forestal Districts In addition… – Establish Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Cost Recovery Billing Rates – Work Session: Five Year Financial Plan – Hatton Ferry – Acceptance of donation from VDOT and transfer to nonprofit entity The Board will then recess and reconvene at 3:30 p.m. in Room 241 for a Joint Meeting with the School Board. They will discuss the following items: – Capital Improvements Program (CIP) Oversight Committee Recommendations – Proposed Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Plan (VERIP) Amendments – FY 2010-11 Budget Issues

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Curbside Recycling Goes Big in Charlottesville and Albemarle

And now, thanks to the Vanderlinde Recycling facility , no-sorting, curbside recycling is an option for many, many more people in Charlottesville and Albemarle 1 – Most people aren’t going to “go green” unless they can justify the “green” decision economically first.

…If you’d like us to take away the recycle bin just contact us by email under comments at and we will recycle those as well for you. … All aluminum, glass, plastics (all), all cardboard, newspapers, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, steel and tin cans and styrofoam will all be taken from your regular trash right out of the garbage no need to sort items – this is Stream Line Trash & Recycling at it’s best. … “When in doubt… put your trash out” Thanks, Boyd McCauley Owner, Time Disposal Trash Service * I’m not getting compensated for this post, but think that if we can more efficiently recycle, why not?

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UVA’s Construction Plans – Current and Near Future

I frequently tell my clients that at any given time, UVA has a couple hundred million dollars of construction underway. … Charlottesville Tomorrow reports : Pace Lochte, UVA’s director of economic development, said that a “miniature intelligence community” is developing around NGIC and the North Fork Research Park. … “This is the kind of development and economic improvement that every community in this country would just die to have it come into their community,” Sandridge added.

… Claude Moore Education Building– operational by May 2010 Bavarro Hall – complete by August 2010 First two buildings of the South Lawn Project operational by January 2010, rest in July 2010 Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center – operational by April 2011 Four new Alderman Road dorms to be built in two phases (2 in May 2011, 2 in June 2013) Information Technology and Communication Data Center – operational by May 2011 Bookstore expansion – operational by summer 2011 Rice Hall (engineering building) on Whitehead and Stadium Road – operational in August 2011 College of Arts and Sciences Research Building (currently unnamed) – operational by August 2011 Rehearsal space on Culbreth Road – operational by 2011 72-bed intensive care unit expansion at UVA Medical Center – complete by January 2012

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Last Week on Jim’s Posterous

Rather than bore you with a full summary of my time on posterous, here are a few of the stories I noted/wrote there last week – Rethink the Season of Giving Postal workers say facility closure would slow mail service | Charlottesville Daily Progress Well *this* bodes well for health care reform Decentralized Design Hubs and Work Centers – Kinda like @GetOpenSpace #cityideas @good How do you define “investment”? Found an Interesting Report in our MLS today

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Mill Creek Embezzler?

As I tell my clients – if a buyer gets the packet four days prior to closing, sneezes three times and deems that to be a bad omen, she can cancel the contract, ostensibly based on the homeowner’s packet.

…If the PROPERTY is within such a development and PURCHASER is buying the PROPERTY for own residence, the Act requires SELLER to obtain from the Property Owners’ Association an association disclosure packet and provide it to the PURCHASER. … PURCHASER may cancel this Contract (i) within three (3) days after the date of the Contract: (ii) three days after receiving the association disclosure packet or being notified that the association disclosure packet will not be available, if the packet or such notice is hand delivered or delivered with the consent of the PURCHASER by electronic means and a receipt obtained; or (iii) within six (6) days after postmark date if the packet or notice that the packet will not be available is sent to PURCHASER by United State mail. PURCHASER may cancel this Contract at any time prior to settlement if PURCHASER has not received the association disclosure packet or notice that the packet will not be available.

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Charlottesville is a Small Town

My dad was and is a commercial real estate broker there; I remember when I was a kid Dad would joke with me – and say, “they know who I am …” and very single time, they did. … Charlottesville is much the same way – we’ve grown since I was a kid, but we’re a very small town, made smaller by social media and our collective desire to communicate and interact. We’ve always lived by small town rules; building a real estate business has always been about small town rules. This new world allows for small town rules to integrate and interact with social media rules – and the overlap between the two is tremendous. – Reputation matters. – The Golden Rule, while not often explicitly acknowledged, is practiced more often than not. – Giving back counts. – Seeing people is easy; knowing people takes work.

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