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City Neighborhood Liaison – Needed?

The City of Charlottesville is contemplating adding a “neighborhood advocate” to liaise with City neighborhood associations . … I vote for her: “It’s a bad use of city funds and there are too many other programs and efforts that I think the city should be involved in,” said Adena Imlay, president of the Meadowbrook Hills/Rugby Neighborhood Association. Imlay said creating another layer of bureaucracy in local government to work with neighborhoods is not the answer. … I’m curious – why can’t people who want to be involved call the city and advocate for themselves ?

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Friday Chart – Charlottesville & Albemarle – February Homes Under Contract

We’ve been talking recently about what the effects the various snowpocalypses have had on the Charlottesville real estate market; people were snowed in, buyers couldn’t get out to see houses (yet another argument for high-quality photos and videos in the Charlottesville MLS), sellers couldn’t get their houses ready or activated on the market … the consensus has been that February 2010 was going to be a pretty sorry month for home sales. … This clearly does not account for canceled contracts, contracts that fall apart due to home inspections, financing or appraisal issues …

Homes – single family, attached and condos – that went under Contract in February in the Charlottesville MSA* Homes – single family, attached and condos – that went under Contract in February in Charlottesville and Albemarle – 12 condos went under contract in February. 8 were foreclosures or short sales. … For Charlottesville and Albemarle in February 2010 for far: – 2 were new construction attached – 31 were resale attached – 0 were new construction single family detached – 64 were resale single family detached – 12 were condos – 0 were new construction condos (and yes, I added the above manually and they match the spreadsheet. 🙂 ) Charlottesville MSA for these purposes includes Charlottesville, Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene and Nelson

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Check Out Crime in Charlottesville

Is one of the most important questions my buyer clients ask. … This is the perfect opportunity for the County of Albemarle and City of Charlottesville to cooperate, share, partner, whatever. … For buyers looking in the City of Charlottesville – search for crime by neighborhood, address, intersection, bus stop, Charlottesville City parks … at Charlottesville Crime View . Thanks to WCAV for the report .

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