What Matters to You when Relocating?

What factors do buyers consider when relocating (to Charlottesville/Albemarle)?

Inspired by a conversation at Roost’s Facebook page, my answer to the question was:

  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Internet Accessibility – the Charlottesville/Albemarle region does not have 100% coverage. Help, Google?
  • Local Politics – democrats? republicans? agnostic?
  • Are the people open-minded?
  • Growth patterns
  • Growth management
  • Water infrastructure
  • Public transit availability – Charlottesville has decent bus coverage.
  • Proximity to work
  • Who the neighbors areare they at similar “life-stages” to you?
  • Churches if that matters
  • Proximity to grocery stores & coffee shops
  • Are there bike lanes?
  • Property taxes
  • School budgets, school test scores, percentage of kids on free/reduced lunches
  • Walkability
  • Safety

These are just some of the factors that my buyer clients have recently brought up. What are some other factors that you considered or think should be considered?

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