Charlottesville and Albemarle’s Places 29 – Same Old, Same Old

The race to stagnation continues …

From Charlottesville Tomorrow:

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors has directed planning staff to rewrite portions of the Places29 Master Plan to remove references calling grade-separated interchanges “necessary” on U.S. 29.

Keeping the theme of redundancy and lack of originality, I’ll post quotes from two stories I wrote earlier this year.

I stand by what I said in June of this year:

Places 29, Albemarle County’s plan for the 29 North Corridor is in its fifth year (at least) and public outreach meetings continue. Candidly, i suspect that this plan will continue to be yet another exercise is the County and county business leaders publicly demonstrating that their best interests are served by continuing the planning process while those citizens to actually drive 29 continue to lament the interminable planning and delays of the aforementioned “leaders.”

This lack of progress furthers the segmentation of the Charlottesville/Albemarle area into sub-areas:

Another impact may be the further segmentation of our market. What I mean by this is that some parts of the city and county are becoming relatively ignorant of each other, as the residents don’t need to leave their respective worlds. As each neighborhood develops continues to evolve and develop and re-develop its own identity, residents may become more involved hyper-locally but less-so in the greater Charlottesville area. These existing developments are poised to take advantage of the re-emerging trends of *gasp* walking and biking to work and play.

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