Monday Links – 21 March 2011 – Short sales, good news, real estate radio & inconsistencies

– Good News for the Charlottesville/Albemarle economy – Two Vacant Manufacturing Plants get Tenants: CustomInk and Indoor Biotechnologies .

Podcast of last week’s radio show on Coy Barefoot’s Charlottesville – Right Now! It was an interesting discussion, centering around the only way to describe the current state of the Charlottesville area real estate market:

Inconsistent. If you have 15 minutes, please give it a listen; I’m curious to know your thoughts. (especially about my explanation as to why the Days on Market numbers in the MLS are crap).

If you’re working with an out-of-area agent, you’re doing yourself a disservice (and the agent is opening him/herself up to liability)

If you’re thinking about buying a short sale (with Bank of America), watch this video. I tell my buyer clients who are contemplating buying (or more aptly, trying to buy a short sale): “let’s get ready for an adventure! You’ll either get a house, a story to tell your friends or both.”

– Think gas prices are high now? What will the impact be of the Matterhorn SeaStar?

– Some really quick, brief perspective on the Charlottesville MSA real estate market, in my attempt to ascertain (and educate about) where we are right now in the Charlottesville real estate market:

Listed between January 1 and March 20, 2011:

1194 in 2011 (down 11%)

1335 in 2010

1437 in 2009

Put under contract between January 1 and March 20, 2011:

499 in 2011 (down 5%)

528 in 2010.

405 in 2009.

Closed between January 1 and March 20, 2011:

306 in 2011 (down 17%)

369 in 2010

237 in 2009

– I heard from another Charlottesville Realtor yesterday who had met an active buyer that the reason they didn’t buy last year is because they read this blog. I think I’ll take a little bit of pride in that; buying a home “right now” isn’t for everyone. Nor is selling. The answer to everything begins with “it depends.” Now … if that buyer had thought enough of me to have contacted me for buyer’s representation …

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