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Albemarle County Schools’ Populations Are Growing. Unexpectedly. ?!

Is anyone other than the politicians surprised?

The question is – would you support an Adequate Public Facility ordinance?

Aaron Richardson at the Daily Progress reports:

Some Albemarle County schools could exceed their capacity sooner than expected, thanks to rapid growth.

Supervisor Ken Boyd curiously chooses the word “adequately” when referring to funding*

“We’re committed to providing adequate educational opportunities in this county, but we’re going to have to look at what other capital improvement projects we have going on,” Boyd said. “We’d have to take a more holistic view than, ‘Gee, have we got $46 million more to spend on education?’”

“Curious” because either:

1 – He thinks the County should offer merely “adequate” education rather than “world class”.*

2 – He’s laying the groundwork for a conversation about adequate public facilities (which tend to be opposed by Realtors) , the long-debated ordinance that would essentially prevent new homes’ construction before adequate infrastructure/fire & rescue/school/etc was in place.

Better schools increase house prices.

At some point, the politicians and the people need to understand that our population is growing, and they need to plan accordingly.

What is an adequate public facilities ordinance? I found the following definition in 2005:

An Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO) is a law adopted by the local government that allows it to defer the approval of developments based upon a finding by the governing body that public facilities would not be not adequate to support the proposed development at build out.

What are the components of an effective APF ordinance?

• Identifies the types of public facilities to be considered.

• Limits the period of time during which the deferral on development imposed by an APFO can be in force.

• Requires the locality to have in place a capital facilities plan to remedy the infrastructure inadequacy that has been the basis for the development deferral.

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Uncertainty Sucks.

Dear Congress: You kinda suck. And you’re negatively affecting the economy, just by being there.

From a client:

All of this debt ceiling nonsense has me a little freaked out that no matter what those fools in Washington wind up doing, the interest rates on mortgages are going to climb and I fear they will climb a lot by next spring…

I know I’m not alone in having unsettled clients thanks to Congress’ incompetence.

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Read those HOA Docs – They Might Give Others Right to Trespass

Finding conversion between two distant stories with one major point:

Lesson #1: Read the HOA Docs and any neighborhood Covenants and Restrictions before you buy a home.

Should an HOA have the ability/right to override the First Amendment?

And here’s the conflict: an HOA’s Covenants and Restrictions may override the First Amendement; are you reading the docs before you buy?

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Monday Links – 07-25-11

Trying to make sense of things this morning –

Delusional Home Sellers? Interestingly, half of the comments are noting Zillow’s inaccurate conclusions.

via Twitter: “If you pay attention to ONE thing about the debt ceiling fiasco… listen to this. It’s 5 mins & will open your eyes.” Amazing.

– Behavioral economics fascinate me: Honest Tea Declares Chicago Most Honest City, New York Least Honest. I wonder how Charlottesville would fare, and if there would be different results in different parts of town, say, The Corner versus the Downtown Mall.

City dwellers aren’t so green

Look out below, Debt ceiling version

– Are you on Google+ yet?

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