Choosing a Home Inspector (in Charlottesville)

The values of having a home inspection are innumerable. A home inspection could be the best $300 – $600 you’re ever going to spend.

Get Rich Slowly – Buying a Home – Pay Attention to the Home Inspection

All this being said, this year I have been recommending more inspections beyond the typical home inspection, including:

Septic inspections (this has saved my clients more often than not)

Radon – but keep radon in context

Phil Price, a physicist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, has spent a lot of time studying radon. He is willing to accept the government’s rough estimate that radon causes about 21,000 deaths from lung cancer each year. But, he says, people should know something about that number.

“A large fraction of those estimated deaths are thought to be among smokers,” he says. “One way to think of it is it’s just one of the things that goes along with smoking, is that it increases your chance of radon-related lung cancer.”

– Sewage line from the house to the street

– Trees

– Some other kind of inspection that I haven’t found yet.

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