’s App Rocks – So Say I & my Clients

Say you want to know what houses are for sale in a certain, undefined area around Crozet Park.

I never thought I’d say such nice things about I’ve written a few things about them over the years, and while I still have issues with their AVM and a few other things, the App is tremendous.

Put simply:

– If you’re searching for a home, download it.

– If you’re curious about home prices as you drive around, download it.

– If you’re a Realtor, get it .

I was showing houses in Crozet last night with clients and we were curious about the prices of homes on a particular street that weren’t on our list to see … so I showed them Area Scout. They were impressed.

The day before this app was released publicly, I wrote that the New App Makes Me Regret not getting a 3G iPad. And I’m still irritated. But at least I have my droid.

Say you want to know what homes are for sale in the Belmont area of the City of Charlottesville. Normally I search using:

1) My head

2) school districts

3) My knowledge of the area.

I still will use my head, as Belmont means different things to different people, but … Now, I can draw:

Homes for sale in Belmont on
Zillow’s app and Trulia’s app are both great, too … but has better and more accurate listing data. (and Zillow’s not always quite right)
(obviously, don’t do this while driving … while it’s not yet illegal in Virginia, communicating via a handheld device is)

More on Area Scout:

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  1. DougFrancis July 15, 2011 at 12:22

    These easy to use and free apps make most agent IDX sites look very 2009.

  2. Anonymous July 15, 2011 at 15:46

    Jim, thanks for the story and we’re thrilled that the app rocks for both you and your clients. We agree that the draw feature is really useful, and it’s intuitive and easy to use. Area Scout is also a great tool for finding out about homes for sale in your particular area. We appreciate the feedback!

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