After Nearly Two Weeks with My Nexus, The Verdict is …

I love technology (when it works and adds value to my life – work and personal)

I had a Droid Pro. I really liked it, particularly the keyboard. Now I’ve gone Nexus. Galaxy, that is.


– The screen is fantastic.

– It’s fast. Very, very fast.

– Folders are very useful.

– The panoramic feature is easy and extremely useful. The camera itself is very fast.

– The phone itself feels good in my pocket and hand. Not too light, not too heavy.


– The battery life sucks. As in, 6 hours of normal usage and I’m liable to be dead in the water.

– The phone itself is a little big.

– Phone coverage seems to be is worse than with the Droid Pro – in outlying parts of the Counties and inside buildings particularly; where I used to have a strong signal, now I barely have one bar.

– It seems to does have trouble reconnecting to the network when switching off of a wireless network.

– The camera is worse than my Droid Pro’s.

– No USB transfer of data stinks.

No Facebook contacts sync; I didn’t think about this before I bought it and didn’t think it would be much of an issue, but despite my mistrust of Facebook, the contact sync is mighty useful.

I’ve thought about returning the phone, I really have. But ultimately, I like having the latest and greatest, I like having a pure Google phone that will theoretically (hopefully?) get updates first. And I’ll be able to transfer this phone to one of my kids in 6 to 9 months anyway …

This isn’t Danny Sullivan’s excellent review of the Galaxy Nexus, and it’s not intended to be.

Also, Wired’s review includes this

Unfortunately, with the increase in speed comes a loss in quality. Image resolution is pretty crummy, and unless you’ve got a steady hand, you’ll probably need to snap three or four shots to get a truly non-blurry picture. Still, I’ve missed countless precious moments over the years due to sluggish shutters; I’ll take a slightly fuzzy photo over nothing at all any day of the week.

For my uses, the camera’s deficiencies are more significant. The speed is fantastic, but the quality is very disappointing.

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  1. Anonymous December 28, 2011 at 15:28

    You’re review is making me think I’ll stick to the apple side of the kool aid. I’m up for renewal and I was thinking of switch from 3GS to 4S and then I saw that phone. Sucks that signal is worse than your old Droid. I do wonder how the camera compares to 4S.

    But then again I’m still thinking of getting it just for the hell of it.

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