April’s Monthly Note

I love writing this blog; I have for the past eight years. This year, I’ve started writing a monthly note, or essay, to a few of you. The first month, there were a few, the second month, a handful, I’m hoping April a few more of you will choose to subscribe. I try to keep these notes brief – usually about 1,000 words or so (no, it’s not an email with just a picture … but if it was just one picture, it’d probably be something from the Charlottesville flickr pool )

This month’s outline looks like I’ll be addressing a couple things –

– Evaluating the A-Team

– The impact one agent can have on the entire real estate industry

– A brief market update (summary: It’s weird and inconsistent)

– The value of emotional detachment in real estate (and some of the associated challenges)

– I’m going to pull one or more things out of my story file.

If you’re so inclined, I’d really appreciate your choosing to subscribe and read.

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