Getting Involved in Charlottesville and Albemarle

We all benefit when there is a more involved and informed populace – better solutions come to light and less legitimate kvetching and complaining takes place when people are aware and informed about the happening
of the (local) government.

I live in Crozet and try to be as informed as possible there. Local media (except for the Crozet Gazette) tend to not cover every meeting from start to finish – and often the most important nuggets of information come from asides in the meetings rather than agenda items. Charlottesville Tomorrow reports on nearly everything, but the reporting doesn’t capture the asides.

I knew I had to write this story when a client wrote this:

I’m eager to read your post on this — it’s difficult to volunteer with a child in tow, and too expensive to put a child into daycare on a regular basis in order to volunteer.

So, so true. I couldn’t attend any of these night-time meetings if my wife didn’t allow me the flexibility … I can’t see taking my little one to any of these meetings.

Click through to read some of the responses to the question of how (and why) to get involved in Charlottesville and Albemarle –

My question for you is – are you involved? How? Why?

Some other committees:

Vacancies for Boards and Commissions in Albemarle County
Boards and Commissions in the City of Charlottesville
Streamwatch – “community based stream monitoring for the Rivanna watershed”

I know that the Crozet Trails Crew welcomes volunteers and kids are absolutely welcome.

For some interesting background/deeper reading on the local news/civic engagement conversation, spend a few minutes reading Nieman Journalism Lab’s Tracing the links between civic engagement and the revival of local journalism

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