You’re Not Dragging me Out

I met some new – new to me and new to the process – buyers recently at one of my listings. Unfortunately, I suspect they will not be making an offer on it but they said something in our conversation that really struck me.

When I asked if they had a buyers agent representing them, they said no, because at this stage, they didn’t want to drag one out on these types of viewings – the viewings that were likely not going to lead to an offer, but were necessary steps in their process.

They are in the early stages of their house hunt and know that they will engage a buyers agent shortly.

Right now, they are evaluating houses, neighborhoods, helping to craft their needs and wants and a must-haves and “areas/things/features that they are willing to concede” lists.

Once they have refined that in the context of their budget, then they will seek to interview and hire buyers agents.

Selfishly, as much as I would like for a buyer’s first step to be to call me, I think that their strategy is quite astute.

Get themselves to a better foundation where they are able to ask better questions, have a better understanding of the areas in the market, and they are better prepared before the interview as well as the house hunt and purchase process.

That said, I do think that engaging a buyers’ agent early in the process is a critical step that will lead to a more productive search.

When you’re evaluating an agent to hire, you’re not dragging them out – you’re interviewing them to see if they’re a good fit for you, your style, demeanor and needs. I still want my buyer clients to drive by houses first (particularly in areas they’ve never before been), but for seeing and evaluating houses/neighborhoods/areas – that’s not dragging, that’s the process.


These are two stories to help start with the “evaluating buyers agents” process:




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  1. Simon Campbell January 3, 2015 at 20:30

    Interesting. I have recently read some reports that show a large percentage of buyers prefer to do their own pre-buying research. I guess it makes them feel more secure. But why not bring in an agent from the start. They can keep throwing properties at the buyer and keeping track of their likes and dislikes, thus building a basis that both parties can work from – from the start.


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