Quick Market Update from the May 2015 Note

A quick snip from this month’s note:

The Market – Balanced? Overheated? – It depends on your market segment

A friend from another market texted me the other day:

How do you feel about the future housing market?  Does it look good or up in the air?  Just a short quick thought would be great.

My response to him –

Our market is mostly trending up. Certain segments are balanced while others, primarily the urban properties, are skyrocketing.

Crazy low interest rates remain a positive for sellers, but create some inherent risk for buyers from a resale perspective.

I continue to think that employment remains a hidden, not much discussed, challenge.

In short – do research on your particular and narrow market segment – but also understand the markets just above and below it.


Read the whole thing – two clicks and it’s yours.

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