Virtual Home Staging is Cool

Simple things excite me.

Yes, this is a house I have for sale in the City of Charlottesville. In the Greenbrier Elementary School district. But this post is only tangentially about that house (which I’d love for someone to buy this weekend).

This post is about a vacant house. Vacant houses sometimes exude sadness, or tiredness. Furnished houses just look better online. The internets can be cool. Upload a few pictures, choose furniture packages, click and pay … and wait a day. Curious to hear your thoughts on this “virtually staged” house.

Did I mention it’s a cool house in the City?

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  1. Terri Miyamoto September 1, 2015 at 16:31

    The advantage of seeing a room with furniture in it is that you can get a better sense of how big or small it is. So I just wonder, can I trust the “virtual” furniture? How do I know it hasn’t been manipulated to make the rooms look bigger? For example, is there really enough room between those kitchen chairs and the window? I dunno, the fake look isn’t appealing to me, but I guess it’s better than empty rooms, which I think just look awful. (But then, I bought a house with empty rooms.)


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