Charlottesville Real Estate Radio – 25 October 2015

Matt Hodges and I will be talking real estate and mortgages to Charlottesville’s newest radio station, 94.7 this Sunday (25 October, 2015)  at 11am. As always, I’ll do a recap by Monday of the show topics we actually get to.

We’ve done this on WNRN once or twice a year, and have for several years now; it’s always a fun and too-fast hour of live radio. Live radio really is a bunch of fun; if the show takes phone calls, feel free to call in!

Some of the topics we’re bandying about — thoughts? Suggestions?

– Prepping for the spring market (related stories: one, two, three)
– New construction/development
– Deschutes brewery … (and the insanity of Albemarle County for not being welcoming to such a good employer) bolding mine “While Deschutes management is not commenting on possible locations, Charlottesville, Virginia, was once been believed to be in the mix.”
 – TRID – TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosures – went live as of 10/3 for new loan applications.  Loan Estimate replaces Good Faith Estimate and Truth in Lending.  Closing Disclosure replaces HUD1 Settlement statement and Final Truth in Lending
 – Federal Reserve deciding not to increase federal funds rate in September.  Will they in October, in December or in 2016?
– Do they have to increase the Federal Funds rate in order to avoid having to use Quantitative Easing #4 in the future and instead drop federal funds rate to 0 or negative once the economy/markets collapse?
– There may be questions about whether we really need Fannie+Freddie
– Do people ask the political bearings of an area when shopping for a home? — I’ve written about this a couple times over the years: Will I fit in (politically, in this neighborhood?) and Politics – Will I fit in?
– How will the political leanings of a new President affect the market?
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