Blue Ridge Mountain Sports is Closing

Sad. Just a few days ago on Facebook, I mentioned how sad BRMS was; now they’re closing.brms


I feel like we’re losing a part of Charlottesville.

Blue Ridge Mountain Sports was the store where I got my hiking stuff, where everyone went for boots, jackets … anything we needed.

In 2012, they were one of the first big tenants in the Stonefield development at the corner of Hydraulic & 29. In late 2015, they received a large cash infusion so that they could stock their stores.

And now … they’re about to be gone.

Because of the internet? The Stonefield location?

For those not in Charlottesville who remember BRMS from their time in Barracks Road, they were replaced by Great Outdoor Provisions (I always refer to that store as “the store like Blue Ridge that is where Blue Ridge used to be.)

Thanks, BRMS, for the stuff and the memories.

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