The 2015 Nest Report – Inventory Still Down

The 2015 Nest Report is out. Dig into the data. Have questions? Ask me anytime.

If you want a hard-copy (it’s pretty sweet) email me and I’ll mail you one (and nothing else, unless you ask – promise).

One note: These are broad market data numbers; your market – your neighborhood, your street – will vary.

Download the full 2015 Nest Report here.
Nest 2015 Annual Report Charlottesville Charlottesville MSA data

The Nest Realty Charlottesville numbers are interesting and impressive as well.

Nest 2015 Annual Report Charlottesville nest numbers

Have a question about the Charlottesville real estate market? Ask me anytime.

And if you’re curious, see the rest of our market areas’ reports here, starting with the Charlottesville market report.

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