Caution Advised

I’ve said for years that we (I) won’t know today’s state of the real estate market until we have at least 18 months’ hindsight.

I’m putting this here for later reference.

  • 3% Downpayment being offered by Wells Fargo. Having nearly no skin in the game didn’t work out well last time. Fact: some people shouldn’t be homeowners. Simple.
  • Rocket Mortgage *note they’re not local), . I know I’ve noted this before, and I know that there’s more to the concept than pushing a button, but a mortgage should be a relatively challenging thing to obtain, and the imagery of “Rocket Mortgage” doesn’t seem so fantastic.
  • Airline miles for a home. No big deal. (hat tip: 1000 Watt)
  • Hmmm  … in Japan, 15 years after being built the average house is worth nothing. (h/t Greg)

I’ll let you know in 2018 how we’re doing.


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