What if … Charlottesville & Albemarle Were Like Portland?

Often a conversation around Charlottesville is, what if Charlottesville was like Austin, or Aspen? But … what if … Charlottesville/Albemarle aimed to be like Portland?

Just a thought …

I just returned from a trip to Portland, Oregon. (One of the best real estate conferences I’ve ever attended) The bicycle infrastructure was mind-blowing.

Riding a bicycle for transportation purposes in Portland is normal, which itself is a little bit weird. People ride bicycles. and it’s normal.

What if … Charlottesville and Albemarle worked together to build such bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure? What if … the West Main Corridor became a focal point of transportation methods working together? What it … the Charlottesville streetscape projects worked in conjunction with the County of Albemarle?

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  1. PDE June 15, 2016 at 15:53

    Different cultures altogether. I was there last summer, too. The difference I found? People move to Portland to be public, out, involved with community. People move to Albemarle to be private, in, secluded with friends.

    Bicycles express exposure, risk. Cars express enclosure, stability.

    Armchair market segmentation, but it’s a good question. What if?

    1. Jim Duncan June 16, 2016 at 10:21

      Really interesting. I had a conversation today with a friend who lived on the West Coast many years ago. He said that the West has a culture of being open, vagabonds, sharing … he noted that it’s something that’s been a part of their culture since the days of the gold rush.

      There, bicycles are just part of the culture and landscape whereas here, one (not I) may wonder, “why aren’t they driving?!”

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