Why Should you Trust Me?

The question is – “Why should you trust me?” The question was there, but I hadn’t expressed it.

I was researching some headphones the other day at what I perceive to be one of the more credible sites out there, The Wirecutter, and noticed the “Why You Should Trust Me” section.

It was remarkably simple, in depth, and trust-inspiring.

Why you should trust me

I’ve been writing reviews of audio products professionally since 1989, working for websites such as SoundStage and Home Theater Review, as well as magazines, including Sound & Vision and Home Theater. I’ve participated in almost all of the headphone tests on The Wirecutter, conducted numerous headphone listening panels for Sound & Vision, and review high-end headphones for SoundStage. Thus, I’ve had the chance to evaluate several hundred headphones.

That’s half of the first of four paragraphs. For headphones. I don’t mean to demean headphones, as he was reviewing some amazing under-$500 headphones. The simplicity of the writing prompt struck me as the question, “why should I trust you?” is the question that we all ask almost every day, in every situation.

I’ll be working on my succinct, “why should you trust me” statement.

I didn’t buy any headphones, but the next time I need to research something like that, I’ll be going to the Wirecutter.

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