West Main Transforming in Charlottesville

The West Main evolution/transformation continues. If you’ve not been in Charlottesville, or down West Main, recently, you’ll be shocked.

Here’s to a more walkable, bikeable, more student-housingable West Main Street.

I’ve written about the West Main corridor several times in the past few years; what’s happening there is amazing.

Sean Tubbs at Charlottesville Tomorrow notes today

In the meantime, the street is experiencing a temporary streetscape as construction of two new buildings has affected traffic patterns. A Marriott Autograph hotel is being built at 1106 West Main Street at the site of the former Studio Arts building. The Republic Plaza, built in 1989, is being demolished to make room for the six-story Standard building. A one-story building that formerly housed a Safeway is also being removed.


West Main transformation. #charlottesville

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