Prices Up, Sales Up & Down, Velocity (mostly) Continues in 3rd Quarter 2017



Download the 3rd Quarter Nest Realty Market Report here, then ask questions.

Short takeaways

  • Across the Charlottesville area market, quality inventory is low.
  • Prices are mostly up
  • New construction is doing exceptionally well (nearly 25% of the market), in the face of skyrocketing supply costs, and labor shortages.
  • If you’re thinking about buying or selling in Spring 2018, best start preparations now. (I can help).
  • Sales and contract volumes in some market segments are up markedly (Albemarle County townhomes’ sales are up nearly 55%).


  • Every. SubMarket. is Different.
    • I talked to someone recently about a foreclosure.
    • Talked to someone else about a short sale.
    • And another who bought in 2005 who’s just now having a conversation about profit.
    • And yet another who bought in the past 18 months who could likely sell for 10% more than they paid.

Looking at home sales from the center of the City of Charlottesville
Looking at home sales from the center of the City of Charlottesville
  • The City + The Urban Ring of Albemarle County comprise significant pieces of our market.



Throwing some context into the Twittersphere

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