May Monthly Note | Trust, Lockboxes, Ignorance, Gaps

I’ve been writing this note for a few years now. It’s impossible to value the ROI for the time spent writing this, but one thing I know is that the people who choose to read – usually at least 60% of subscribers every month – have told me that they find the content – the stories, the data, the context, and content – valuable.

Even if I get only one response a month, or a client or friend mentions the note the next time we see each other, I know that the time invested in researching and writing is time well used.

I’d be humbled if you chose to subscribe; it’s easy to do right here.

This month

Some of the working topics (I won’t get to them all)

  • Ignorance and ownership
  • The Charlottesville real estate market
  • RealPodVA
  • Closing gaps in transactions
  • Soccer & Softball
  • Mercedes -v Subaru
  • Lockbox access and local market knowledge/expertise/competence
  • What I’m reading (one of the more popular segments)
  • RealCentralVA & RealCrozetVA blog round up
  • Trust
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