Charlottesville Real Estate Radio – May 2018 | Market, Density, Mortgage Rates, Time in Homes

I truly enjoy when Matt Hodges and I do an hour on Rick’s Sunday Wake-up show. An hour talking about real estate? Yes please!

Take some time and listen, if you’re inclined.

We talked about an awful lot, including:

  • Mortgage rates – affordability,
  • Stuck in homes/falling in love all over again
  • UVA growth and its affects on the Charlottesville real estate market
  • Counseling buyers and sellers through major, traumatic life shifts
  • Home buying process
  • Renting in the Charlottesville area (and renting first, before buying)
  • Gas prices and real estate buying decisions (talked about this on the RealPodVA podcast, too)
  • Cost of ownership of homes – in which I learned something about VA loans that I’d never before known)

Objectively, it’s worth a listen.

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